Interactive Map of Alberta Lakes
Interactive Map
The common knowledge about Alberta speaks of the Rocky Mountains and Prairies. Very little is known about the endless number of the Alberta lakes. Scattered wildly across the whole Province are the lakes all year around entertainment and playground for the residents of Alberta and many of the visitors from practically all over the World. The lakes different between each region. The mountain lakes don't resemble the prairie lakes but all of them are serving us well. Many of the lakes are at the same time home for Provincial Parks, some of them are the background for more then one Provincial Park. If you have a boat, like to fish either from the boat or from the shore, or just enjoy being close to the water, Alberta is for you. Follow us around and you will be surprised by the variety and size of many of our lakes. You can come here any time of the year and always find something to do along the shores of Alberta Lakes. For the winter ice fishing and skating are the most popular.

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