Interactive Map of Provincial Parks of Alberta
Interactive Map
Provincial Parks and Historical Sites are the essence of recreation in the Province of Alberta. They were built and maintained for the pleasure and recreation not only the residents of Alberta, but for all the visitors here. You can spend a weekend there or come for a longer stay. All the Parks are excellently equipped for all needs from the very basic to the sophisticated. The Parks are evenly distributed across the whole Province, starting at the Rocky Mountains and spreading through the prairies, lakes and river shores. Some are well kept secret and others are far better known. In each of them, you have the option of overnight stay, day picnic or use of the playgrounds. You can always have an additional attraction, when the Park is located on the lakeshore or along one of the many Alberta rivers. Some of them are located within the range of Provincial or National Points of Interest or Heritage and Historical sites. The Historical sites are speaking of the past of this part of the World. Visit them all and enjoy every one of it.

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