One picture is worth a thousand words. We are here to show you the story of the West and of our neighbours, to showcase the environment, week-end and vacation destinations, glorious mountains, nostalgic prairies, friendly communities, Provincial and National Parks, unique special projects, and even some events like the Calgary Stampede. If you are a resident of the West, if you are our neighbour, if you have ever visited the region or are planning to do so, or if you are just interested in the area, this site is for you. Take a look at what we can offer, and what is awaiting you. You will be amazed at the variety of natural and man made scenarios, all woven into a beautiful tapestry we call the West.

Our Site will be under constant development. We are planning to add new places as well as to expand on the places already presented here. Alberta alone is about 1 million km2. We have work to do, and we are doing it. Look for frequent upgrades and new developments. You can showcase your own community, place of interest, special project or industry. See the "Sponsorship" part of this site. You can also place adds with us. To place an add go to the "Advertisement" area.

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