The main structural frame of this site is ready and running. We are constantly developing and upgrading its content. The development and upgrade will go along two lines: firstly, we will add new places, tours, and special projects; secondly, we will increase visual density of places already introduced here. It is our desire to add the major industries that form the basis of our western economy to the visual spectrum of this site. The common goal for both lines of development is to highlight the beauty and natural assets, the economy and potential of the West. You can help us to do it by sponsoring any new place, national or provincial park, industry or craftsmanship you feel should find proper representation on this site. Please contact us if you want to sponsor your community, or a part of it, a special project, your business or achievements, or any other industries. We have already started highlighting special features unique to the West such as the Trans Canada Highway. The Rocky Mountain part of the road is in with the Prairie part to follow as well as the grain elevators, giants of the past, and many other distinctive landmarks. Your help in sponsoring these projects will be greatly appreciated. We would like to build this site as a common achievement, and to make a broad and visual presentation to the global community about the West.
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